Conscientious Communicators

The film explores ethical and sustainable practices within the UK creative industries through a series of interviews with leading figures from the cultural sector.

Notable interviewees include; Tim Molloy (creative director of the London Science Museum), Nat Hunter and Sophie Thomas (The Royal Society of the Arts), Ed Gillespie(co-founder of Futerra), Alexandros Tsolakis (United Visuals Artists) as well as students/graduates and their projects such as Chiara Astuti and Martina Guilianelli (Food for Good) and Thomas Thwaites (Designer and Alumni of the RCA) and many more.

Directed, filmed & edited by Louis Leeson and Patrick Hoelscher.

Sound recording and design by Sammy Herzella.

Soundtrack – Rasclat Lunatics by D’Clat, Beast & Arthur

Produced by Lightgeist Media.


Featuring interviews practitioners from Futerra, the Royal Society of the Arts, Provokateur, United Visual Artists, Soul Rebel Films, the London Science Museum, and many more.