Our latest film: Aftermath: Anthony

Sophia must raise her son, Anthony, by herself after his father was killed during the rioting in London in 2011.

In this new film, directed by Louis Leeson, Sophia explains the day-to-day difficulties of being a single parent and contemplates the tougher challenge of raising Anthony to be a good man whilst not holding on to the anger that his father’s violent death could nurture.

Click to view.

This film is part of a series called Aftermath that is still in production.

Lightgeist at the London Art Fair

We are promoting our videography services at the London Art Fair today. Looking to speak to Galleries/events/showmakers!

Selma Dahhouki

Patrick Hoelscher is currently working on the next edition of his Artist Portrait Series. On the 3rd of January he documented a performance by Selma Dahhouki at The Daniel Libeskind Space as part of the 100% NUDE show hosted by Guerilla Galleries London.

Watch out for the video to be released soon. Until then you can find his previous editions on our website

Dexter Moren Associates

Dexter Moren

We are happy to announce that we had a very positive meeting with Dexter Moren Associates Tuesday morning during which we discussed an exciting new project that will involve us filming in and around London’s new city icon: the Shard.

Dexter Moren is a London-based architectural design practice with an impressive portfolio looking to expand their reach and connect better to digital audiences using a new iPad and video content.



Website Launch 2013

We are proud to be finally able to launch our new web presence. This new site will host all of our collective works ranging from our documentary films to the adverts & promotional videos we make for commercial clients. We are available for commission and 2013 is already shaping up to be a busy year for Lightgeist.

Do watch this blog closely as we intend to use in quite an extensive fashion, updating with behind-the-scenes and in-progress posts from our various shoots. We will also aim to put up occasional vlogs and other content to support out films.